kelsey // 21 // PDX → LDN
i live for the simple things.
i'm quite a cynic and smoke until my lungs burn.
i'm just the girl next door with a few tattoos.
i will follow most blogs back :)

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"Truman Capote said that when you’re in your twenties or whenever you should pick a look and you should stick with it because you’ll forever be timeless. And this is my look now, forever!"

- Matty Healy (via thegemmajanes)

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how much water is too much water

15 water bottles can cause water intoxication and can lead to death

15 water bottles is too much water

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hair game hella strong

best part of this gif is matty eating crisps


Matty Healy // Never Mind the Buzzcocks [x]

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i made a Polyvore account to start styling for concerts and city life.

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Name: Kelsey

Nickname: Kels, Sunshine, Babydoll(by my momma) 

Birthday: July 15, 1993

Gender: Female

Sexuality: I can appreciate beauty no matter what gender. But yes, I am sexually attracted to men. 

Height: 5 feet……maybe 5 inches?

current time and date: September 29, 2014 11:48pm

Average hours of sleep I get each night: LOL. somewhere from an hour to maybe five?

The last thing I googled was: Causes of poverty in America.

First word that comes to mind: Halloween. I’m watching Hocus Pocus.

Last thing I said to a family member: “Yes, the cats are outside. Love you too, goodnight.” (my mom was going upstairs to bed)

A place that makes me happy and why: Places don’t particularly make me happy, its usually the people I’m surrounded by that bring me joy. But if I could be standing anywhere at this exact moment, it would be somewhere in London with a thick jacket on, cup of coffee and a smoke in my hand. That would make me happy because that is very much what I want my future to look like.

Number of blankets I sleep under: none, most of the time. if I’m cold, one.

Favourite beverage(s): Coffee, Whiskey, Beer, Tea, Orange Juice.

Last movie I watched in the theatre/cinema: Hmm. I think it was The Fault In Our Stars, maybe?

Three things I cannot live without: Are we talking things or people? Things would be coffee in the morning, music on my phone, and comfortable shoes.

Something I plan on learning: French.

A piece of advice for all my followers: Listen to good music, don’t let anyone break your heart, and never stop following your dreams because it benefits somebody else. Keep your head up high, even when dark clouds are raining on you. 

You all have to listen to this song: Me by The 1975. If you want any insight to a song I wish I would’ve written, it’s that one. Basically sums up my teenage years.

My blog: Dark Paradise.

I’m tagging: whynotsunday, mistakemyname, THIS BABE (aka Kelsey), mackenxzie AND this beautiful girl named Caroline.


"I know, I know, I know for sure"